Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yellow Be Gone!!!!!

Before I start talking about our redoing our kitchen which is a start but the bathroom and basement will follow.  I have stitched and will post later about that.
My hubby has decided to redo the kichen and is doing a great job!  In this first photo you see it is all yellow!

Yellow Be Gone!

Here are some pics of what he has done so far!  It is a work in progress and he wants it done before our annual Christmas Party on Christmas Day!

Here you see the red oak cupbards on the top along with my awesome black double ovens on the right.  Oh yea! and the lighting he has put in over the cupboards.  No doors as of yet : )

Here it is at another angle.  You can see the old white stove to the right.  That will be history really soon!

another angle

You can see here the island to the left that will be totally changed, quite soon!
Hope everyone is doing well and getting alot of stitching done!  Just needed to share why I have not been stitching lately!  Along with the back to school shopping, lol!

Monday, August 16, 2010

So far I am Beating The 100 Stitch Challange! Yeah!!!! : )

I have been stitching alot this month!  I have stitched 1829 stitches so far this month so I am ahead with 229 stitches!  I believe I will beat the challange this month!  Here is the progress I have made so far this month.

I put 1261 stitches in Fred!  Finished another book and stitched another shelf.
I am in a Halloween SAL and started Stoney Creek's Kitty with Jack O Lantern Towel.  Was able to put in 325 stitches

I am also in a Kustom Krafts Mystery SAL and was able to put in 125 stitches.  This one is slow going but the colors are so pretty!  Here is what was already stitched.

Here is what I was able to get stitched, not alot but progress

This next progress is for Stoney Creeks O Holy Night Devine.  Was able to put in 143 stitches. 

I know the color looks green but it should be blue.  Hopefuly I can fiqure out how to fix that for my next update lol.
So I am so excited that I just might make the challange this month, yippeee ; )
Have a great stitching week everyone!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

WOW!!! Nothing Posted Since July 19th!!! My Bad!

This summer is going by way to fast!!!!  I have been stitching but wasn't able to get my 100 stitch challange completed for July, not even close!  To many fun in the sun days : )  The weather has been just beautiful here!  To make the challange I was supposed to have 3100 stitches done as of yesterday, but only managed 1339.  So fell 1761 stitches behind this month.  O Well, I'll try to do better this month!  The two projects I stitched on was Frederick and another UFO called Autumn Gathering Place by Stoney Creek.  Here is the progress I made this month
Last Progress
Here is the progress as of July 31st

I also have had progress on Autumn Gathering Place

Here is my progress ; )