Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been Working On Frederick!

How is everyone doing!  Happy Holidays to all of you : ) 
  I have been stitching on Fred so I thought I would show you an update! I have been working on the purple book and finished the bottom shelf.  Has been pretty quite here so really not much to post.  Hope all is well with everyone and Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday with your family and friends. I will be thinking of all my family here as I sit down for my Thanksgiving dinner. My menu is.....
Roasted turkey
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Broccoli Casserole
Homemade Dinner Rolls

and for dessert I have 3 pies
cherry, apple and blueberry!
No pumpkin pie because no one in this house eats it. What is everyone elses menues? So again Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 22, 2010

What's Better Than This!!!!!!!!!!

In the mail today I got an invitation to join a chocolate club!  Yummmmy, a chocolate club!  I am in heaven!  Anyone ever here about a chocolate tasting club?  I am going to try it!  Here is a pic of a couple of the chocolates I recieve for my introductory sample.  Since in the US candy does not have real cocoa anymore I am going to try this out.  I am a chocolaholic!  These chocolates are from Britian.
I am also stitching on Fred tonight so will have an update soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today My Guy Is Detained!!!!lol

Guy is now only able to go out at night after the birds have decided it is sleep time.  Today Guy decided to bring his prize to us and it was a bird.  Wrong!!!!  Not happening at this house!  He will be able to go out in the evenings only!  When all my bird friends are in bed.  I feed my feathered friends and will not have them attacked by my own kitty!  He is an adorable kitty but I cannot put up with any killing of my feathered friends.  Night time fine, mice and such I do not mind : )
Hope everyone is doing well

OK! OK! Not Much Stitching Lately But........

I really have been stitching on Fred, honestly!  I am on page 2 and last was working on the bookshelf.  I had to rip the shelf out because of a mis calculation, lol ,of the stitches!  Oh yeah some of the stitches you probably cant see since it is black on black but they are there, lol.  Not sure how much stitching I will be able to get done this week due to work and Thanksgiving.  We are having guests at our Thanksgiving feast.  Planning, and more planning the next couple of days and cooking and more cooking the next couple of days : )  Will try to get some stitching done since it does relax me.  The holidays always get me so stressed out!  I also have  Christmas at my house every year.  I have a buffet since my guests come and go through the day.  It is always a great time!  Okay, here is my update
I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy stitching everyone : )

Monday, November 8, 2010

Non Stitching Update!

Sorry but have done some stitching this past week but not enough for putting a pic up of my progress  )  Will have a pic up soon.  How is everyone doing with there stitching?
As for weather we had our first snowfall last night.  Today it was sleeting and raining all day.  Just a dreary day today! 
Just finished taming the feral kittens and here is a pic of them
Anyone want to adopt one?
I know I posted this pic already but really trying to adopt these kittens out!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Finished My Halloween Towel!!!!!

I did manage to finish my Halloween Towel on Oct. 28th!  Was able to display for 3 days, LOL : )  Now it is packed up for next year and believe me when I say No One used it, lol!  How was your Halloween?  We had a hectic one with a Halloween Birthday Party with lots of kids!  My daughter Ashley had her birthday party and I would say there was over 30 kids here!  Here are a couple of pics of the party!

Very interesting party : )

Well, here is my Halloween towel that I finished!
Happy Stitching everyone : )