Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I have An Update On Frederick!

I have managed to stitch on Fred!  Not as much as I wanted to but life gets in the way : )  I managed to finish the first book on page 2 along with half the shelf.  Will be pulling out some Halloween WIPs to stitch this week.  Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not Stitching But Interesting!

 It has been a crazy week at my house! There are two adult feral cats and three kittens I am still trying to capture. I have caught one of the kittens and have tamed him. Only took two days because he is so young. I say the kittens are just about 4 weeks. I have someone coming here tonight to help me to catch the others. Need to get those kittens caught quick because it is easier to tame and be placed. The adults will be nutured and released because they cannot be tamed at that age. I will still feed them and have shelter when the weather is bad. Oh well, hope I didn't ramble on too much : ) Here is a pic of the feral kitten we captured, which is adorable!

Any one want a kitten? : )

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Diswasher, New Shelf Microwave and New StoveTop!!!!

Well, went and bought a new dishwasher, a shelf microwave and an awesome stovetop!  When I have them delivered will post pics!  Picking out the counter top this week.  There was some more done but not enough to post a pic.  The kitchen will be done before my Christmas party on the 25th!
On the stitching front,  not to much but sparatic.  Working with the kitchen, working all day, besides busing my daughter to her tennis games and such I am trying to stitch.