Friday, December 16, 2011

I Have To Brag Here! I am so Happy!

My daughter Ashley has been accepted into Bryant University College, the best business college in the US.  She is taking the premed program, majoring in biology and her minor is psychology.  She wants to get the business end done first before her medical studies.  She wants to be a doctor with her own office.  So she needs to now the business end also.  Another exciting thing is Bryant is giving her a $12,000.00 scholarship for the 4 years of college.  So that is $48,000.00 in scholarships!  I am so proud of her : )  Here is a picture I took when she read the letter.
Doesn't she look happy?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Want to wish all Happy Holidays!!

I have been soooo busy with work, it is crazy this time of year!  I have been visiting my grandsons.  Now getting ready for our annual Christmas party at my house.  It is also going to be a going away party for my daughter Kristina, her husband Andrew and my little grandson Connor.  Andrew is going to be stationed in Virginia for three years!  I will be visiting in the Summers but I am not happy about this.  But Andrew will be deployed on the new nucleor sub that should be finished in 2013.  He will be on the sub in 2013 and will visit iting all the subbases around the world.  So it will be exciting  for him.  I will miss them all so I have not had much time to stitch so I do not have an update.
Here is a photo of my last years tree.  Will update with my 2011 party soon.

Here is my little man Connor!  How adorable!!! I decided since I have no stitching updates I would upload a few of Connor.  He is such a sweetheart!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!