Saturday, August 6, 2011

While I Was Away!!!

Yes I have been away too long!!!  My oldest daughter had a son which she named Jonah.  So adorable!  My daughter Kristina got married and is now due  in December.  She is having a boy.  Tomorrow is my youngest daughter's birthday she will be 18.  So we are having a birthday party tomorrow for her.  It has been quite hectic for the past few months.  No stitching this past month.  But maybe after the party tomorrow I can relax a little before my second grandson is born in November.  When I say no stitching has been done it is but it is such a little amount and not worth showing.  I have worked on Fred so hoping to update this weekend.
Now about my ferals
I think I have stopped the breeding in my area!  No kittens!! No Adults!!!  Awesome!!!!!  I do need to show my two additions to my furfamily.  It is Puss and Boots!  These were feral cats that had three kitten which I tamed to be housecats.  The grey one was adopted out and is named Smokey, who is doing well.  I have decided to keep the other two.  Puss is mentally challanged where I am still working with the vet to see how bad.  Boots is adorable and so affectionate.  Purrs all the time.  Here are the pics of my new additions. 
This is Puss

and this is Boots
I love them so dearly!  I am happy that I saved their mom because I know Puss would not have made it living outside. Please spay  your cats especially if you let them outside. Thanks and Happy Stitching to all : )