Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Started three new books today! Also my progress on Gardens Like Quilts!

Hope everyone is having a great day!  I started three new books today.  Intervention by Robin Cook, a medical thiller, Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin which is a true story of abuse in a family, and All For One by Ryne Douglas Pearson which is a thriller.
For my stitching update, I have worked on Gardens Like Quilts.  Here is where I left last time I stitched and then there is a pic of how much more I have done.  Notice that the bluejay is almost done.  I will be stitching on the robin this week along with my Storykeep Masquerade.  Happy stitching everyone and have a wonderful day!
Last times progress

My latest progress

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Spring With Some Book Reads and Stitchy Udates!!

Well, spring has sprung around here and my flowers are blooming!  A week ago it was in the 90's thought summer came early!  Now it is in the 70's with rain to help all my plants since the dry heat last week.

I finished two books today, Ascension Day by John Matthews and Cannibal by Lois Jones.
Cannibal is a true story and not for the faint of heart, very graphic.  Ascension Day is a court suspense.
I rated them both 4 stars! Gripping and exciting!

OK now for the stitchy stuff...

I decided to restitch my two HAEDs.  I was stitching them over one with two threads and I found them too bulky and hard to stitch.  So I am restitching them over one with one thread and loving my stitching again. So that was why I stopped stitching on them.  I am showing the stitching on Masquerade with a photo of the difference of the stitching.  Lavender Moon will have to wait until I get more fabric.
Happy Stitching!

Over one using two

over one using one so much  better!

Happy Stitching!