Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stitching and Frogging Today!

When I sat down to stitch today I decided if I wanted the frog to leave I better rip out the 158 stitches I need to take out before I could do any stitching!  Well, the frog has moved on to a warmer climate since it is pretty cold here today!  The high today was 19 degrees!!  So on Fred I will stitch later tonight.  At the moment I picked up my HAED Lavender Moon.  Still doesn't look like much even though I have put in 173 stitches.  This is my first HAED so a big change from what I am used to.  Also working on 25 ct linen and I have never used it before.  So it is slow going at the moment!  Here is a pic of Lavender Moon and my progress so far.

I started in the left hand corner and as I said there is not much to show at the moment.  I have to say at the moment I am glad I have some other easier WIPs to work on, lol.  HAEDs are new to me but I like a challange, (Grin)  This is a gift to my daughter so I will finish it! Happy Stitching everyone!

Friday, February 18, 2011

What A BEautiful Day Today!

It was such a warm day compared to the nasty weather we have had!  The temp was just about 60 degrees and most of the 2 feet of snow has melted : )  Opened my windows for some fresh air and thinking that spring will be here very soon!  We do have a cold spell for tomorrow but just enjoying the warmth of today.
On the stitching, I have been working on my second SAL called Late Spring with Kustum Krafts.  I have put in 535 stitches as of today!

Happy Stitching everyone : )


Monday, February 14, 2011

Been Slacking On Stitching!!

I have been hibernating till today!!!  We had some awesome weather !  In the 50s today!  Lots of snow melting!  Frederick is on the back burner since I was visited by the Frog this past week.  Need to RIP at least 50 stitches!  I have worked on Kustum Krafts Autumn Grandeur putting in 886 stitches and also Kustom Krafts Late Spring where I have stitched 170 stitches so far.  So I really have been stitching : )  On a high note my Ashley my 17 year old just got her report card and did a great job with straight As!  She leaves for Canada on a school trip in March.  Since she is an honor student she is  able to go on all these trips.  Next year she goes to France! OK, here is my progress with Autumn Grandeur.  The other photo is the photo I am stitching : )