Monday, February 14, 2011

Been Slacking On Stitching!!

I have been hibernating till today!!!  We had some awesome weather !  In the 50s today!  Lots of snow melting!  Frederick is on the back burner since I was visited by the Frog this past week.  Need to RIP at least 50 stitches!  I have worked on Kustum Krafts Autumn Grandeur putting in 886 stitches and also Kustom Krafts Late Spring where I have stitched 170 stitches so far.  So I really have been stitching : )  On a high note my Ashley my 17 year old just got her report card and did a great job with straight As!  She leaves for Canada on a school trip in March.  Since she is an honor student she is  able to go on all these trips.  Next year she goes to France! OK, here is my progress with Autumn Grandeur.  The other photo is the photo I am stitching : )

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chrisstitches said...

Slacking on we have a stitching police. LOL
Rest & enjoy. This is a hobby.
You do have some wonderful projects like Frederick.