Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Snowy Delivery Day!!!

Very hard day delivering today!  No shoveling at the mailboxes!  I am patient though I will take it out again tomorrow to give my customers some more time to shovel around their mailboxes.  There was too much snow!!!  If I was using my truck which is with 4 wheel drive I would deliver the mail to everyone but with this Postal Truck it does not got through snow.  You would think the goverment would make sure we would have 4 wheel drive but a no just bring the mail back.  That is why I am upset!  Then I have double the mail the next day. Load unload and load again, crazy! So after my ramblings, I now have two days of mail to deliver tomorrow.  I leave you with more snow pics from my snowbound house.
I am so sick of this snow!  I think I said that already, lol!
Update soon on Frederick and my two HAEDS I have started!
Keep warm and Happy Stitching


Cole said...

I think the snow is just crazy everywhere this year! This month was absolutely crazy here too, and now it's warmed up some and is raining on top of all the snow too.. making for some crazy driving conditions, that's for sure :)

MommaInStitches said...

Crazy is right! Cant wait to see how much we are going to get on Wednesday!

Always smiling said...

Brrrrjust looking at your snow pics made me feel cold. I would hate to have to go out in it. I would stay home and stitch all day, which I do.. hope you can at the weekend!
Hugs Chris x