Friday, January 21, 2011

Nasty Day At Work Today!!!

Well, delivering mail today was really bad!  Mail boxes not shoveled, slippery roads, icy banks, and unplowed roads did keep some of the mail from getting through today!  This was a real nasty day for delivering mail today.  A lot of customers did not get there mail today.  Luckily, there was no packages from cross-stitch companies, so all my cross-stitch customers didn't miss their new stash, lol!  Well, tomorrow is another day, and I will try again : )  Calling for a major storm on Tuesday!  Thinking of taking a vacation day for the next one ; )  It is supposed to be major!  I have been stitching on Fred and My HAED Lavender Moon, will post an update soon.  I leave you with a pic of my adorable RIP Kemo that was one that always enjoyed this snow mess!

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Meari said...

Is that your doggie? He/she's beautiful. Sorry you had bad weather delivering the mail. Don't envy that job!