Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working On Fred Tonight!

I have been working on Fred tonight!  Here is a pic of my progress as of today.  I do enjoy stitching this except when I have to stitch black on black : )
  We had an ice storm here today so I hunkered down and stitched, so happy I didn't have to work in it!
Made a whole chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight, it warmed me right up, lol.  Hope it isn't too cold tomorrow because it is back to work for me!  I leave you tonight with this pic......  My Sweet Felice


ollie1976 said...

Fred and Felice are looking great!

Meari said...

Fred looks good. Your kitty... OMG look at that face :)

Jules said...

I loved stitching "Frederick". It was especially nice when I gave it to a good friend of mine by the same name, LOL! Yours is looking fabulous.