Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well The Storm Was Major!!!!!!!

This snow storm was a pretty big one!  It is still snowing here!  We got over a foot and a half and it is still coming down.  Here are a few pics outside my house.
This is out my back door!!

The second pic is of a cardinal in my backyard showing the blizzard conditions.  The third is of out my front door and you cannot even see the road.  Sorry to say there was no delivery of mail on my route today!  Hope everyone is staying warm and having a nice evening : )


ollie1976 said...

It looks pretty...for about a second! I'm originally from NY State and like the snow for only a little while and then it can go away. Hope you are staying warm.

Shellie said...

BRRR Looks very pretty and that bird is gorgeous!!
Stay safe and warm
Hugs Shellie

Joysze said...

That looks coooold!! I hope you're staying warm.

MommaInStitches said...

Thanks all! Really trying to stay warm! Hoping for a day in the high 30's this week. Jen, you are like me! Give me a little snow for Christmas Day then take it away and I mean that day! lol! The way the weather is predicted for the next week we will not see any melting! Not supposed to get over 30 degrees this week!