Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photoless Blogging.........Need Advice

I hate this but still no camera!  It would cost too much to repair my camera so I am on the hunt for a new one!  Question, what camera do you have?  And what do you like about it?  I will be buying one this week.  There is just so many to choose from!!


Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I have a Kodak Z1012 IS Digital Camera. It is also a Video Camera too.

I love mine because it takes real good close up pictures and you don't have to have a Attach Lens to get a close up picture either.

Mine also has all of the settings like for Sports, Night time Shots, Flowers, and so on. It is a really good Camera. I wouldn't trade mine for nothing.

You don't have to have a expensive Nikon to get good close up pictures...mine does a wonderful job of getting close up pictures.

I can also add Text right on the pictures too if I want to right from my Camera as soon as I take the picture. That is another neat thing about my Camera.

I also bought the Telephoto Adapter Lens and I can also get the Adapted Wide Angle Lens and also Filters for my Camera too if I want to.


Good luck in your Camera Hunting...

Tracy J said...

The best one for needlework is one with macro. If you look at some of the blogs that have super close ups of the stitching and it doesn't get blurry, it is because of macro. all I do is click a button on my camera for macro to be in use and I get wonderful close ups of my needlework. If you want double duty so you can also get long distance shots (such as when you want to get birds and animals that are a way off) make sure you get one with 10x zoom or more (not sure if there is more). The one I got was $150.00, not bad for getting those wonderful close ups of my needlework.

MommaInStitches said...

Thanks so much for all your advice! I went and ordered my camera at Amazon and it should be here on Wednesday! Can't believe how much I would miss having a camera!