Monday, June 14, 2010

Picked Up Cocker Spanials Watching Birds Today!

Well, since I have been working on Frederick for over a month decided to put him down for the day and work on my scanned pattern, made it with my cross-stitch software.  This is a Bap so not sure how long I will work on it ; ) Here is a progress pic of Fred since the last time.

I am showing a pic of Cocker Spanials Watching birds and my progress so far.  Alot of confetti stitches in this one!

Here is the photo

Here is the progress so far..... you can see I am working on the face of the Cocker Spanial near the birds.  Really this is not a WIP but a UFO that I put down Aug. 20, 2006!  WOW definitely an old  UFO : )

My week so far has not been to good!  My kitty Milo has been diagnosed with diabetes so he is now on insulin and a strict diet.  Needs a shot every day at 9 am and 9 pm.  Hoping with a low carb diet which we call CATKIN's diet will help to get him off the insulin.  Hope all is having a great week so far!


Ingrid said...

Frederick looks very cute and Cocker Spaniels ..... Ooohhh! I love this, what a great pattern!

Nici said...

How wonderful charts. A good friend stitch the cat too. I love it.

Nick said...

Frederick is coming along wonderfully!

Is it harder to stitch on the black fabric as opposed to lighter colors? I saw a kit at JoAnne's that came with black Aida and it looked like it would be a little harder to find the holes.