Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Much Stitching Done Again This Week!

I have been taming two feral kittens and they are finally out of the taming cage and are totally tamed.  They are both males and ready to be adopted!  They are so adorable with the loudest purr!  We have decided to keep the little female runt.  I have done more on the Halloween Towel and will post progress later.  But I do have a pic of the feral kittens to show you.  When I first took them in they were hissing, cowaring and trying to bite.  But just look at them now, so sweet!

The one in the front is now adopted by us!  Aren't they sooo cute!  Would love to keep them all but that is not possible!
I should be able to stitch more this week since I am done taming these two kittens.
Happy stitching everyone!


Cath said...

Gorgeous kitties . welld one on all your hard work paying off. X

ollie1976 said...

absolutely adorable

Karan said...

Such lovely kitties. Well done on catching & taming them. :0)