Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good REason For Not Posting!

Well, I have been caring for my feral girl Promise who had delivered 4 babies.  The first baby was born on April 17 but died on April 18th.  Promise had two more kittens on the 20th and another on the 21st.  SO she had a little of a problem with the deliveries of these kittens.  I was by her side as much as I could be and if not me my daughter helped out.  She now has three kittens that seem to be growing aand also are very healthy.  I would love to show pictures of them but at the moment with the location of where she delivered them it is way too dark.  She has had a white one with one black little spot on its belly, a grey one just like mom who is all grey and another white one with as far as I see a little grey spot on its ear.  Will post pics as soon as mama lets me : )  Here is a pic of Promise and she is a very caring Mom for her first litter.  SHe will be spayed as soon as she is done nursing these kittens.
Hopefully after Easter I maybe able to find some time for stitching in between work and taking care of Promise and her kittens.  I have other cats so until the kittens are old enough we watch them 24/7.
Happy stitching all and have a very Happy Easter!


sharine said...

Poor baby nice to know someone was there for her

Carolyn NC said...

Definitely busy - wow - long labor!