Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photos and Videos Of My Feral Kittens!!

Finally am able to show some pics and video of my feral kittens!

Here are the new arrivals!  The two white have grey tip ears with grey tails and the one you can't see on the left is all grey!  They are adorable : )  The grey was born on April 19 and the two white were born on the 21st 2011.  Here they are looking around to their new surroundings.  Had to relocate them from under the couch since they are wondering and driving MaMa crazy!

Here they are nursing on MaMa.  Sorry but cant see the grey one.  It is in the middle.

Here is a pic again of them feeding and Krystal another mom on the left who is a fill in MaMA   Since all females in a feral colony help each other out she is her helper for these kittens.

Here is a couple of videos of the kittens playing and nursing!  Hope you are able to see them : )

Well hope to be able to stitch tonight : )  Happy Stitching everyone!


ollie1976 said...


Barb said...

What adorable kittens! Are they in your house now or still outside?

Karan said...

Oh they are so sweet! Fred is coming along nicely. :0)

MommaInStitches said...

Thank so much : ) Barb they are in my house. She had them in the house.