Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Was Your Thursday???

My Thursday was OK nothing really exciting happened today but the weather was beautiful and sunny, not to humid today.  Last night went out to bring Guy in and saw a baby skunk which was soooo cute!  Didn't spray but I think skunks that young can't spray.  Didn't stay long enough for me to take a pic.  No stitching so far tonight but the night is young : )  Need a photo,  Hmmm lets see....
Graybee who is now over the rainbow bridge and Guy when he was still a babe : )
Graybee is the solid grey was such a sweetheart.  Hope everyone is doing well!


sharine said...

Such a sweet photo.

Marie Smith said...

Thanks so much Sharine! Your package was sent yesterday hope you enjoy it : )

Anonymous said...


Your blog is lovely, great kitty photos.
Happy weekend.

Holly x

ollie1976 said...

adorable picture