Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Have Progress!!

Last update
I cannot believe I have not posted since August, so sorry!  I have an update on Snoozin and I made the 100 stitch Challenge today!  I went over the 100 mark and stitching more today.  This stitching challenge is helping : )  Here is my last update on Snoozin.  I am ready to start stitching the chickadee.

Progress as of Sept. 18 2012
Happy Stitching Everyone!


sharine said...

It's looking very nice:)

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

looking forward to chickadee!

SoCal Debbie said...

Great stitching progress on those leaves!

Marie Smith said...

Thanks sharine!
Me too Samplers!
Thanks SoCal, I had a frog visit 3 times with those leaves :)