Thursday, August 29, 2013

Been A While! But Still Here and massive updates!!!

I want to warn all of you that this is a long update :) Well, I have been stitching on Gardens Like Quilts and The Witching Hour from HAED.  I will be showing my last update and latest update.
I have stitched a little on Gardens like Quilts about 218 stitches from my last update.
Last update
My Update as of August 20 2013

You can see I got the ear done and now working on the quilts.

Here is my new WIP that I started August 25th and have managed 809 stitches!  I love this one!  It is Witching Hour from HEAD.  It is the first row of page one which is the top left corner.  Mostly browns and blacks.

Witching Hour

Progress as of August 27th 2013

I have been stitching a lot the past few days.  

I do have some other non-stitchy things going on also.  My daughter Ashli is back at Bryant University Sept 2nd for her second year of  her four years to get her Bachelors Degree and then on to Med School and then 2 yrs for her Masters then 5 yrs for her  Psychology PHD Degree.  Hmmm, lets see thats 10 more years, Oh My Gosh!!!

My husband went to his Mom's to check on here pool and found a tiny snapper turtle in it.  He brought it to our house and my daughter and her boyfriend decided to adopt it until it was old enough to be released.  This snapper is so tiny!  My daughter knows alot about turtles since she owns two.  So they have a new addition for the time being and his name is Koopa.  Here is a pic of Koopa.
Well, I do need to show you a pic of a new visitor to my bird feeder!  Really do not want to see this visitor again.
Pedigree Falcon

Swooped right in to my birdfeeder to take a bird!  Luckily, all my birds had another day to eat at my feeders :)

Of course, I need to show a pic of my sweeties!!!

My Boots 
Happy Stitching!



sharine said...

Love your new start:)

Maureen said...

Oh like your choice of new start.

I think if I had seen that falcon in my back garden i would have freaked out!