Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happily Stitching Again!!!

I am now stitching away on Fred!  Had a few snags on two of my wips but I think all is well now.  Will have progress pics really soon : )  Weather here today was not bad!!!  mid 40s snow is just about gone and hopefuly done until next winter!  Since nothing new to show stitching will show a random sweet pic of my kitties : )
Here is Ashes and Mooshi, both are feral kitties I saved from the crazy outside world lol.  Both of them are now tamed and will be nutured within the next couple of weeks.  I find that this colony is so close knit and very protective.  They are adorable!!!


ollie1976 said...

such a cute pic

Babs in Alabama said...

They look like the cats on my back porch...we rescued them from the shelter last year and they love it out here in the country.

Carolyn NC said...

Hey there! Where in the world have you been in the group? I've been hit and miss, but I don't remember seeing you post much. Hope all is well with you. Love the kitties. And love the pic of you and your DD!

MommaInStitches said...

Hi Carolyn
Which group are you referring to? I am in a lot of them : )
Thank you

chrisstitches said...

very adorable