Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Stitching Blog Tonight!

Yeah, I have been slacking the past three nights.  After the ripping on Fred and now a mistake on Lavender!  At least I caught it early, only eight stitches need to be ripped.  I just cant get rid of this frog!  After work tomorrow I am kicking this frog to the curb, LOL
How is everyone else doing with there stitching any frog visits : )
Since no update on stitching will post some pics of my other hobby.  My cat rescue! Yeah!  I am a avid cat rescuer and have rescued and neutured over 8 cats this year.  Please, if you are letting your kitty outside make sure he/she is neutured.  I have a munchkin in my cat family.  Small, adorable with short legs, this is not a stray!  This is a pedigree kitty and was left to roam.  Well, she is safe with me and in two weeks will be spayed.


Bette said...

Very cute kitty. I'm a kitty lover myself. You can even see Squeak in one of the photos I posted of my kitchen.

MommaInStitches said...

Is she a calico? adorable!! Yes kitties love to be on counters dont they! lol
My saying to love me you have to love my cats first : )