Monday, November 7, 2011

Kristina's Baby Will Be Born Nov 14th!

Kristina found out at the doctors today that her baby Connor weights 9lb. 1 oz.  so seeing she is too small to deliver such a large baby she will have a c-section next Monday.  If she goes into labor this week they will give her the c-section then.  All my daughters weighed 5-6 lbs. each.  My daughter Jen's baby, Jonah weighed 8 lbs.  My daughters are having big babies, lol.  Will keep you posted on the delivery!
As for stitching, stitched on Fred and Storykeep Masquerade today.  Still not happy with Masquerade but very happy with Fred.

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Carolyn NC said...

That's a good-sized baby! And in another week, a little larger. But what a blessing - hope all goes well and your new little one will be here soon!