Tuesday, July 17, 2012

95 Friendly Followers! Give Away When I reach 100!

I am almost at 100 friendly followers!  My 100th follower will win a prize from me : )  And yes it will be stitchy related lol.

Here is my Orchid plant it has been blooming since April!  First year ever having them.  Wow they last a long time!

Here are my Morning Glorys they are going wild and decided to take over my umbrella, lol.

I have a question for all of you!  This is my Mystery plant.  It is growing quite fast and I do not know what it is.  A friend of mine got them from a yard sale which then there was nothing blooming.  So she gave them to me and said maybe something will grow lol.  I have two of the big ceramic clay pots and the leaves look to be at least 12 inches wide or more.  Then there are some smaller leaves with green and red without the white.  Anyone know what type of plant this is?  Will show more pics as the plant gets bigger.  If that is possible, lol.

Well, last I want to show you what we had for dinner tonight.  Homemade Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, YUM!!

Seriously now, back to stitching : )


sharine said...

Beautiful flowers and the pizza looks yummy.

Marie Smith said...

Thanks sharine : )

Nancy said...

Hi, your plant is a Caladium. I stitched a dragon on a Caladium plant. It turned out awesome.

Marie Smith said...

Thanks Nancy
Do you know how to care for these plants?

ollie1976 said...

beautiful orchids! Not sure what your mystery plant is.

Marie Smith said...

Thanks ollie
I did find out it is a Caladium thanks to Nancy : )

SoCal Debbie said...

What an incredible looking pizza!