Friday, February 22, 2013

More White On The Way!!

Yes, we are do for another snow storm this weekend!  They are saying up to 8 inches with this one.We will see!  I have a frog here today.  Guess the snow doesn't scare him, lol.  Trying to push him out the door at the moment!  Stitching on my Gardens like Quilts and just found I was two stitches off on the blue jay's foot so ripping the foot out right now.
My Cuddles just got home from getting neutured.  I am watching him closely and need to give him doses of morphine twice a day.  He does have a little congestion but the vet has assured me that it was from the traech he had while he was under.  Here is my poor baby....
Happy Stitching!


Carolyn NC said...

Sorry about the frog! Hope your kitty feels better!

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Poor Mr. Cuddles! It's always hard when they are feeling poorly, even though neutering is a good thing.

It's funny, all of my cats that have been spayed/neutered have spent the first day home in a sort of drug induced haze where they sleep the day away. This current kitty got home, promptly kicked off her cone-of-shame and then ran victory laps through the house. She never did accept the cone and she never did lick her stitches.

Hope Mr. Cuddles feels better soon!

Claire said...

Poor kitty he is s o cute.