Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well No Stitching Update But A Cute Pic Of My Kitties!

I just Had to share a Picture I took of two of my kitties.  You can see Buddy on the left, that is a feral cat I rescued and then there is Felice.  Remember the movie from Disney called Homeward Bound and the dogs.  Felice is just like the character of Chance the buuldog, lol.  You know slow but Ill get there type of attitude. : )  Well, here is the pic I took

Buddy is still feral in some ways but domesticated in a few.  He has come along way from his caged days.  I love him dearly if not more than my other babies.  Tough trying to survive outside where no domesticated cat is meant to be.  Please spay and  neuter your babies before they escape to the outside world.
  Please do not take this as boastering or being prideful but I have rescued 4 cats in the past 4 months that were feral, meaning they were born in the wild and fighting to survive in the wild.  I trapped them with a humane trap, fed them, took them to the vet, had them neutered two were released and two are now part of our family.  Mind you the cost was over 600 dollars.  Buddy excepts petting now but you have to be very slow at approaching him.  Felice is a Oh Humm kind of kitty, laid back and loves everyone.  Felice does not want anything to do with the outside word anymore but Buddy still ventures out a couple of times a day but never at night.
I will never stop fighting for these kitties that are out there because this is truly not where they want to be.
Hug your furbaby tonight because they are safe and warm and do not need to worry about anything : )


Kttycat said...

Aww such a cute picture!

Elaine said...

Lovely kitties!

Ingrid said...

ooohhhh What a cute picture, so sweet!

ollie1976 said...

beautiful cats.

omashee aka Barb said...

Marie, your kitties are beautiful! I too have a feral rescue kitty, Moses. Yes, yes, yes, spay & neuter! Moe won't stay in at night unless it snows or sometimes if it's very, very cold. But he loves to be held & loved on. He adores the dogs & loves on them also. (think he was a dog in a past life)
All three of our dogs are rescue pets also.